Interview with Geni


Pevaton is a wholesale platform connecting brands across Europe. We already have 150+ partner brands from Georgia and Ukraine. In this Blog we present an interview with our partner brand from Georgia- GENI.

Why GENI? What is the concept of the Brand?

GENI is a sustainable jewelry brand created to become an inseparable accessory of a modern woman who is mature enough to express her own identity. All the pieces are handcrafted and inspired by historical Georgian jewelry- This is our way of creating modern and powerful

items inspired by national history - this is where the brand name comes from, GENI means gene in Georgian. Sustainability is the main direction of our family-based start-up. All the

pieces are ethically made with carefully sourced recycled silver metals. We have hired more than 10 women to work as managers, accountants, graphic designers, models, and photographers through our small enterprise.

The goal of a GENI is to bring joy and beauty to any situation and to introduce oneself to as many people as possible.

Does the brand have experience in foreign markets?

GENI has been featured in many international exhibitions throughout its existence, and we have similar plans for the future. Most of our customers are foreigners and we have direct communication with most of them. We  are currently cooperating with a few e-commerce platforms.

Have you experienced mistrust on orders received abroad?

There’s always a risk regarding foreign orders, however we haven’t had misfortune yet.

Why Pevaton? What are your expectations regarding Pevaton?

Pevaton is a brand with a strong sense of taste and genius. We hope Pevaton gains international presence and here our plans coincide.


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