Interview with Bogma


Pevaton is a wholesale platform connecting brands across Europe. We already have 150+ partner brands from Georgia and Ukraine. In this Blog we present an interview with our partner brand from Georgia- Bogma.

Why Bogma? What is the concept of the Brand?

Designs as a reflection of Georgia but not in some glorified nationalist patriotic sense but a very personal one the designs were based on the experiences and feelings of a Georgian from the past to the modern, showing everything in its authentic form but giving it a little twist to make it symbolic and beautiful.
The bogma’s biggest goal is to merge reality and visual appeal in one.

Bogma is a really vibrant representation of what I believe to be Georgia’s underground youth movement.

The Georgian word “bogma” roughly translates into the jealous and loathing nature of people and Bogma as a brand personifies and at the same time addresses these dark feelings we all have. In a comedic sense georgians have saying “დავიბოღმე” when they see something they like on someone else 

This way word bogma addresses both comedic and dark situations that this feeling can create.

The name and the logo collided means that every Georgian has their inner light in them represented by 'borjgalo' but it doesn't shine through the giant wall which is represented by bogma. This wall was built throughout the sad and painful history of Georgia which led to the society's shift to worse.

Does the brand have experience in foreign markets?

Our products have been exported to 11 different countries and we hope to officially enter a larger market soon, for which we are still looking for help.

People do not realize that this brand is a handmade project created by one person and not from a large group, which makes development a little too  difficult in terms of business, but I am sure that sooner or later there will appear a person who will see great potential in Bogma and help enter the world market. 

Have you experienced mistrust on orders received abroad?

We haven’t experienced mistrust on large orders, due to our main sales stream being our Instagram page and website of small orders. I think anyone who likes our products and buys them should be a pretty trusted person because we do not produce mainstream products.

Why Pevaton? What are your expectations regarding Pevaton?

We hope Pevaton will help us enter a new market and deliver our brand idea and product to more people.


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